A General List of Exercises, Studies and Etudes
for Violin and Viola*

J. Dont – Etudes and Caprices, Op.35**

D. Dounis – Studies for the Violin

H. W. Ernst – 6 Polyphonic Etudes

F. Fiorillo – 36 Etudes and Caprices**

P. Gavinies – 24 Studies

K. Flesch – Scale System**

J. Hrimaly – Scale Studies**

H. Kayser – 36 Etudes, Op.20**

R. Kreutzer – 42 Studies for Violin**

J. Mazas – Etudes Spéciales, Op.36**

N. Paganini – 24 Caprices, Op.1**

P. Rode – 24 Caprices**

H. Schradieck – School of Violin Technics, Books I, II, III**

O. Ševčik – School of Violin Technique, Op.1 – 8**

H. Wieniawski – L’École Moderne, Op.10; Études Caprices, Op. 18

F. Wolfhart – Sixty Studies, op.45**

Specifically for Viola

D. Dounis – Specific Technical Exercises for Viola, op. 25

L. Fuchs – Fifteen Characteristic Studies; Sixteen Fantasy Etudes; Twelve Caprices

H. Kayser – 24 Studies, Op.55

* Most of the exercises and etudes for the violin have been transcribed for viola and used with great success.  To avoid unnecessary repetition, I have used a double asterisk (**) to indicate the studies that apply to both violin and viola.  I have also underlined the studies that are most essential to my teaching.